Beauty from dirt!

Evangelical Christian Academy (ECA) is a Grade 1-12 school in Madrid, Spain, started in 1973.

“When I first arrived at the school in August of 2019, I found a room full of forgotten items,” former art teacher Megan Shirley shares. Last school year, she was teaching art to all classes from 1-12.

“I found things like yarn, costumes, wire and fabric. I knew it could be a great classroom lesson for my students, if we could put these together creatively and make something new.”

“As a focus point, I started with the Creation story from Genesis,” Megan says.

“I shared the Creation story with my students, to show how God used something most people don’t even think of as having any value. Yet God took dirt, breathed life into it and transformed it to create man. And God continues to care for each of us.

“When I asked them why they thought I would have us learn about Creation and dirt, one student declared excitedly: “Because we can make beautiful art with dirt!”

When March came, ECA had to put everything online due to the pandemic. For the elementary students, Megan started a Facebook page and posted lessons and artwork. Her first Facebook post had 1200 views and reached people in several different countries all over the globe. She continued posting art lessons until mid-April.

ECA serves missionary families, as well as national and international students, with a strong, academic program, and challenges them to love God, apply His truth and care for others.

Pray for Evangelical Christian Academy

  • Pray for the students and staff at Evangelical Christian Academy to stay healthy and safe. (Spain has been one of the hardest hit countries in Europe with the pandemic). To learn more about Evangelical Christian Academy in Spain, click here.
  • Pray for staffing needs. The school is currently looking for a Secondary School principal as well as a part-time nurse. For a comprehensive list their openings check out the opportunity board.
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