28: All Students Can Learn

Guest: Morgan Newcomb

How can we create classrooms based on the belief that all students can learn? Morgan shares Biblical insight and practical tools from her background in special education.

  • “The idea that all students can learn comes from the mindset that every student has the ability to take some steps forward.  Every student can grow and learn in some capacity.”
  • “It’s about being flexible and creative […] in how we can get all students to be able to get access to what we’re teaching.”
  • “Every student is unique and every student is an individual.”
  • “It can take extra work to have an inclusive classroom.  Of course, it’s worth it, and we should all have that as a priority, but it’s going to take changing our mind and viewing it as important in order for that not to be a barrier.”
  • “We have to overcome the mindset that it’s more work because students are worth it.  Every student deserves to grow and learn, and we need to do our best to reach them.”
  • “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, then we should teach the way they learn.” – Ignacio Estrada
  • “Kids do well if they can.” – Ross Greene
  • “The simplest [accommodation] is writing things down.”
  • “Something schools can be doing is educating all of the students on disabilities, on learning differences, on diversity because that makes us more accepting when we understand things.”
  • “Differentiation and having inclusive schools and inclusive classrooms is really the heart of God […] Every person is unique and designed by God.”

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