30: Coaching Culture

Guest: Brian Delamont

Brian Delamont returns to the podcast to share about coaching – partnering with the Holy Spirit to help others discover and become who God wants them to be.

  • “Coaching is summed up with the term ‘thinking partner.’”
  • “Coaching fits into spiritual development as a tool where we can see God at work in our minds and where we get to partner with someone to watch the lights come on as the Holy Spirit prompts something in their thinking to move them forward.”
  • “We can see in coaching a framework that reflects God’s design.”
  • “The Spirit guides these conversations to help them to be seen, heard, and understood.”
  • “I partner with them for encouragement, for accountability, or to help them take their next action step.”
  • “Who is the one who comes alongside us? It’s the Holy Spirit in order to produce fruit in our lives. What happens when God gets the glory? He is celebrated!”
  • “You are capable because you are God’s creation and He longs for you to become all that He intends [you to be].”
  • Proverbs 20:5
  • “The process of holding that person capable really shifts how you see people because it takes all judgment off the table, and that’s difficult.”
  • Matthew 20:32
  • Luke 10
  • Mark 8:29
  • “The coaching process has helped me be able to move forward in my own spiritual development, maybe by learning to ask questions, certainly by having other people have opportunity to ask me some great questions and get out of some thinking ruts.”

April Reflection:  What are you doing now that, if you did it differently, would be so much better?

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