29: Education as Discipleship

Guest: Raphael Haeuser

Raphael Haeuser joins us for today’s episode about how Christian educators can live out their calling and disciple the next generation, whatever the context where they serve.

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  • “We are always teaching and we are always discipling, whether it is our kids or our students. Sometimes this can be very obvious or explicit because we are using the Bible or we’re mentioning Christian themes, but sometimes it’s also the very basic day-to-day things that we do, the way we treat people, the way we listen to them and respect them.”
  • “This whole idea of teaching is there in Scripture, and maybe more specifically, if you think of the Great Commission, part of making disciples is teaching.”
  • “One of the important things that a Christian teacher can bring to a classroom is a different way of looking at the world.”
  • “One of the things that I see as extremely missional is that we need to live fully Christian lives in the place that we are.”
  • “We can bring ourselves and we can bring Christ within us. The way we teach in a loving way or an interesting way or even in an excellent way can make people ask questions, and then perhaps we have a better opportunity to share the Gospel once we have established some sort of relationship.”

What’s changing our lives:

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  • Heather: Spring playlist
  • Raphael: Going for a walk or jog in the mornings

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