31: Transitions

Guest: Amy Young

Amy Young of Global Trellis shares about transitioning well, including processing grief, finishing well, supporting others, and starting something new.

  • Continuum of pre-grieving to post-grieving: “I think what can make transitions tricky is that we don’t all fall at the same place.”
  • “No matter how well you do them, no matter how ‘good’ you are at transitions, they’re just hard.”
  • “There is value in intentionally knowing I’m going to miss this place.”
  • “Transitions are not just about you.”
  • “Part of it starts with leaving well.  The better you can finish, it does create the space – emotionally, physically, mentally, financially, relationally – for something new to start.”
  • “Give space for making friends, finding new favorites, they will come, it just sometimes takes time.”
  • “It comes back to a lot of awareness of yourself and taking responsibility for yourself, which can sometimes be hard because so much is up in the air.”
  • “The sooner I can name [the emotions I’m feeling], the sooner I can help myself make the better choice in that moment with the Holy Spirit’s prompting.”
  • Learn more about Global Trellis: https://globaltrellis.com/
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