34: Trust

Guest: Brian Delamont

Trust is central to how our world functions, how we form relationships, and how we connect with God. Brian Delamont returns to the podcast for the final time in Season 1 to talk about building and rebuilding trust with God’s love at the foundation.

  • “We live in this world designed by God, so God’s character attribute of trust infuses everything. That’s why there’s so much constancy in our world, which we absolutely rely on.”
  • “In the context of building a team, trust is the confidence among team members that their peers’ intentions are good and that there is no reason to be protective or careful around the group. In essence, teammates must get comfortable being vulnerable with one another.” -Patrick Lencioni
  • “For us to have confidence that the other person’s intentions are good, there needs to be a belief in their behavior. There’s no reason to be protective or careful because there isn’t a threat. This is reinforced by humility and vulnerability. These play such a huge role in a trust relationship.”
  • “Teams that lack trust waste inordinate amounts of time and energy in managing their behaviors and interactions within the group. They tend to dread team meetings and are reluctant to take risks in asking for or offering assistance to others.” -Patrick Lencioni
  • “God understands these feelings of mistrust, and He has been putting a plan in place to show us that He’s trustworthy, and He’s been doing this for millennia. Even as other people break your trust.”
  • Exodus 19:9
  • John 20:27
  • “God is not intimidated by any level of mistrust I may have. He’s proven Himself, and He actually invites us to trust Him. Trust is always built up by repetition.”
  • Psalm 145:13
  • “We want to receive and give trust in a sense that there’s a predictability to it; there’s a reliability to it, just like there is with God.  It requires shared experiences over time, multiple instances of follow-through, it requires credibility and an in-depth understanding of the person or place that you’re putting that trust in.”
  • “We can either practice worry, or we can practice trust.” -Tim Timmons
  • “Trust is the currency of connection.”
  • “Trust is the fruit of love – the love of God for us and the love God gives us so that we can love others, even if they’ve broken our trust.”
  • 1 Corinthians 13
  • “Look at what He’s done in Jesus to rebuild the bridge of trust. He came to seek and save that which was lost, and I’m one of those people.”
  • Psalm 91:2

May Reflection:  Where do I have an opportunity to trust more today?

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34: Trust