Sharing Their Joy

Fateb Kinshasa Academy / Kinshasa, DRC

“We have a heart for singing,” said the young girls to the Pastor, “Would you allow us to sing for the church on Sunday?”

Juliana, Jenovie and Tamera were referring to their new choir, that enjoyed singing so much, they wanted to share their joy everywhere: at school, at home and at church.

These girls had learned to pray and sing in their classes at Fateb Kinshasa Academy, TeachBeyond’s first African-owned, managed and staffed school. Started in 2015 in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Fateb Kinshasa Academy (FKA) has been adding a grade every year since. The school now has 8 classes: 3 Kindergarten ones and then Grades 1-5. For the 2020-2021 schoolyear they have 108 students with 63 girls and 45 boys.

“Yes, you can sing this Sunday,” the Pastor replied. Then they sang the second Sunday and the third, until they were singing every Sunday. They became known as “Lambs of God.”

“It is truly such a great testimony that FKA has shared in, because these girls learned this in school, practiced it in church and now their joy is spreading everywhere!” says Héritier Fima, TeachBeyond National Director, DRC.

“Families are also being impacted,” he notes. “Students go home and talk about what they are learning. They want to say grace before meals and pray at bedtime. Parents tell us, ‘This is wonderful. Our children are so enthusiastic!’”

“It is very important that we are here,” Fima continues. “People can see FKA is teaching good things. Things that transform the lives of students. They can see God working.”

Pray for Fateb Kinshasa Academy

  • Pray for FKA that God would support and bless this school that provides transformational education that changes lives. For a complete listing of opportunities to serve click here.
  • Pray for the children, Juliana, Jenovie and Tamera that they will always grow in the word of God and continue their ministry of song.
  • Pray for the fundraising towards the construction of the new classrooms for Juliana, Jenovie and Tamera’s school.
  • May God provide the funds for the Lambs of God choir to record some songs in the studio.
  • Pray for our new school in Gemena, in the province of South-Ubangi. May God grant patience to teachers to truly experience the transformation of children and themselves as teachers.
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