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Planning for Student Engagement in the Virtual Classroom

For many years, educators have been testing the waters of technological integration and teaching. The 2020 pandemic has accelerated this process. Like it or not, students and teachers now find themselves swimming in the ocean of virtual learning[1]—surrounded by hundreds of apps and online tools that promise to be the way of the future. Even […]

The Importance of Healthy Teacher-Student Relationships

How can we help our students to learn? According to educational research, two of the strongest factors in student learning relate back to the teacher-student relationship. This shouldn’t surprise us, since we know that we are created as relational beings in the image of a relational God. According to researcher John Hattie, healthy teacher-student relationships […]

Bonus: Summer Reading Suggestions

As summer approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, TeachBeyond’s Educational Services team would like to share some of our recommendations for “must read” books for teachers and school leaders. While there are many worthy subjects clamoring for our attention, our team has focused on books that have informed our understanding of what it means to deliver […]

Digging Deeper: What Have We Learned from this Year

What a year this has been! My guess is that when you started school you didn’t foresee weeks of school closures, a global pandemic, the evacuation of friends and students, disrupted patterns of teaching and learning, riots in the streets, or distributing food to the needy in your community. And yet, while we might have […]

A Magic Question?

Teaching is hard work. There is no such thing as a magic pill that can suddenly remove all obstacles and help students to easily and fluidly begin to acquire and retain information. If someone were to invent this, he or she would make a fortune! (And given that it is February—the longest month of the […]

Sowing the Seeds for Transformation

As we teach our students, what is the thing that will make the most transformative difference in their lives? Will it be the spiritual formation classes which we’ve labored so hard to make relevant and practical? The opportunities to serve others in their school and greater community? The influence of godly teachers and school staff? […]

Knowing Your Destination

I travel a lot. As a result I have gotten pretty good at navigating through airports. I know all the tricks—how to pack so that I can whip out my electronics and liquids at security, how to dress so that I don’t freeze in the waiting areas or on the plane, where to wait to […]

A Different Kind of Engagement

At the core of what we do in the classroom is the desire to love our students and point them towards Jesus. This looks different for each of us depending on the subjects we teach, the age of our students, the context of our service. One thing that remains the same, however, is this Biblical […]

Metaphors for Teaching

Christian educators often talk about biblical integration. Sometimes the discussion focuses on what we teach: ensuring that content points students towards a love of God and service of others. Sometimes it focuses on who we teach: recognizing the image of God in our students and how we can serve them. Other times it focuses on […]