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Abiding in the Vine

Whether we teach in an overtly Christian environment, a creative access environment, or somewhere in between, the reality is that our teaching can only reflect Kingdom life and principles to the extent that our own personal lives are grounded in Christ. If we are not taking the time and care to nurture our own walk […]

Maximizing Cooperative Learning in your Classroom

Multiple studies have shown cooperative learning positively impacts student learning[1]. Perhaps this is because part of being made in the image of God is living in community, which includes learning in community. Designing strong cooperative learning activities takes time. It is not enough to put students into groups and assign an activity. Too often, activities […]

Advent Reflection

I’ve always loved Advent. Every year I look forward to the opportunity to celebrate the epic story of how the Almighty, Creator God chose to limit Himself and step into His creation in order to bring restoration to a world that has lost its luster. I love the tale of a God so magnanimous and […]

Laying a Firm Foundation

Over the past month, my church has been studying Romans 1:18-2:5. As we have examined this passage, it has been a sobering reminder to me of why our job as Christian educators is so important. No matter what our cultural context, we are surrounded by a world that is operating on the philosophical assumption that […]

Getting Students Moving

As a teacher, I spend my days on my feet. I know that my proximity to my students is one of the best tools I have as far as classroom management, on-task behavior, checking for understanding, and encouraging student questions. Any time there are students in my room, it is rare for me to be […]

Reflecting on Professional Practice

In addition to the routine reflections we engage in during the year, it is helpful for us to set aside some dedicated time to reflect, evaluate, and set goals for ourselves as teachers. What evidence do you see that your students’ lives were transformed this year?

Responsive Discipleship

As the end of the academic year is approaching (or for some of us, as we reflect on the year that has just finished), this is a good time to remind ourselves what our purpose is. What does it mean to practice our profession as devoted followers of Jesus Christ? We talk about ways to […]

Providing Meaningful Feedback

One of the most challenging—and most rewarding—aspects of being a teacher is the on-going process of giving meaningful feedback to our students. We know that good feedback can be one of the most powerful tools to incite student learning;[1] however, most of us face the dual struggles of knowing just what sort of feedback to give, […]

Maximizing Learning through Instructional Videos

Videos and video clips can serve as excellent instructional and supplementary tools in the classroom. From introducing new material to re-enforcing concepts that have already been covered in class, videos are a useful way to help students interact with and deepen their understanding of the subject matter. Whether you use video as a tool in […]

Fostering Imagination

So often in school we focus on the rational, intellectual aspects of what it means to be human. In our quest to teach our students the material that needs to be mastered, and the processes of how to think well, do we overlook—or at least underemphasize—the wonder present in the created world? Do we inadvertently […]