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FarBeyond: How Jesus Modeled Transformational Education

At our FarBeyond conference this month, Dr. Joseph Kim gave us some good reminders about what it means to be involved in transformational education. Speaking out of Matthew 11:25-31, Dr. Kim pointed out that Jesus himself provides a model for the transformed teacher. For those of you who might have missed out, here is a […]

Connecting Field Trips to Learning Objectives

One of the many perks of teaching internationally is the availability of some really cool opportunities for taking field trips. Field trips are a great learning tool because they allow for experiential learning and the opportunity to apply content knowledge and skills in a context outside the classroom. But in order for your students to […]

Recognizing Different Ways Boys Learn

Boys and girls are different. They play differently, relate differently, even develop differently. While little girls are practicing their newly found language skills, chattering away to whomever will listen, little boys are busy climbing on things and racing cars—delighting when there is a big crash with a lot of noise. Anyone who has ever worked […]

How Do Our Embedded Biases Affect Our Classrooms?

In their book A Vision with A Task: Christian Schooling for Responsive Discipleship,[1]Gloria Stronks and Doug Blomberg make the following observation about the hidden curriculum of North American schools: “Schools in our society feel the persuasive and pervasive effects of individualism. Students want to choose their own courses, decide their own amount of effort, and […]

A Framework for Connecting Faith to Life

In his book, A Public Faith: How Followers of Christ Should Serve the Common Good, theologian Miroslav Volf argues that Christianity is a prophetic religion—that is, it is characterized by a personal encounter with the divine (receptive ascent) followed by an active response advocating transformation of the surrounding culture (creative return).[1] In other words, we […]

Making Biblical Connections

A great resource for thinking about Biblical integration in your classroom is the work of Dr. Christian Overman and his colleagues at the Biblical Worldview Institute. Dr. Overman has put together several great teachings through the “Making the Connections” series that offer practical suggestions for how teachers can implement Biblical integration into their academic lessons […]

Time for Review

In many school settings, the end of December and/or beginning of January are characterized by a review of the learning that has been done throughout the semester. There are many fun ways to review material ranging from simple to complex in nature. Here are some suggestions for review games and resources that can be adapted […]

Taking Transformation Seriously

Book Feature Teaching and Christian Practices: Reshaping Faith and Learning. David I. Smith, James K. A. Smith, eds.  New York: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishers, 2011. What would happen if educators decided to allow Christian practices to shape the way they approached classroom pedagogy? That is the premise of a collection of essays, Teaching and Christian […]

The Great Debate

As teachers, we desire more for our students than to simply move through the curriculum.  We want to instill in our students the skills necessary to engage real world issues with discernment.  We hope to impart critical thinking skills that will allow our students to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate the information and ideas that they […]

Assessing Redemptively

Evaluation, grading, and assessment are an integral part of our vocation as teachers. So much of what we do revolves around, or is influenced by, our assessment and evaluation practices. I that it makes sense for us to examine these practices in light of a Biblical view of teaching and learning. In their book, A […]