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Bayanihan & Collective Efficacy

There is a Filipino word that beautifully describes how being unified and working together helps accomplish great things.  Bayanihan, which literally means being in a bayan (group/community), reflects the underlying understanding that the collective whole is better than an individual. Last year, Faith Academy had the theme “Better Together”.  We emphasized the importance of working […]

Creating Excellent Educational Environments

We are exploring four foundational pillars of what we mean by transformational education this year. A couple of months ago, we talked about step one: Becoming all that God intends. Now for step two: Excellent Educational Environments. As we pursue God’s intentions for each learner, how can we create excellent educational environments that bring transformational […]

Moving Towards an Inclusive Classroom

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. That kid over there says weird stuff. This kid always needs the teacher’s help. The kid in the corner seems to overreact all the time. And that kid flaps his arms when he gets excited. How many times have we thought “My students make fun of the […]

Necessary Evils?

Why did you go into teaching? I can guess that it was not because you like to grade papers, clean your classroom or make phone calls home to parents. In fact, you might say those tasks are necessary evils of our work as teachers. Have you ever stopped to consider how our Christian worldview informs […]