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The Unexpected Blessing of Virtual Banquets

Written by Heidi Landes, Global Impact Fund Director We were so excited that over 1,000 enthusiastic supporters joined us for one of our 12 Virtual Banquets this year, to hear about the work God is doing through TeachBeyond around the world! Matthew 5:16 says, “Let your light so shine before others, that they may see […]

A Step Toward Biblical Integration

Transformational education – from a Christian perspective. Isn’t that what we’re about in TeachBeyond? Seeing God work through education to transform individuals and societies to be what He designed them to be? Absolutely! Part of that “Christian perspective” on transformational education is teaching from a biblical worldview and helping our students develop such a worldview. […]

Culture of Learning: Asking Questions to Foster Innovation

More than ever before, schools are facing a time where they must focus on fostering habits of mind that go beyond just learning content to teaching students how to think. By providing opportunities and routines for students to develop these habits of mind, schools prepare them to be problem solvers and innovators. As students become […]

Why Education Matters to God

Education is an essential sphere of human life. Through it, we prepare for the marketplace, become better citizens, develop skills and competences, and form our character. Although education may not always fulfill these goals efficiently or coherently, it is nonetheless vital to the Christian faith. But in what sense can education be “Christian”? It’s easy […]

An Amazing Open Door on Lesvos

We are very excited to have a team of four incredible women currently working and teaching in Lesvos, Greece! The team is working in partnership with Euro Relief, an NGO working with refugees. In September, a devastating fire destroyed the majority of Camp Moria, leaving the residents scattered and without basic amenities or shelter. Educational […]

Long-Term Curriculum Planning

Planning is very important to learners’ developing and growing in the knowledge and skills they need. An effective teacher thoughtfully plans lessons ahead of instruction, defining goals and objectives, and developing engaging learning activities. Yet lesson plans only are one type of planning. They look at the short-term. Let’s not forget about the long-term view […]