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Use Questions: Help Your Students Connect God’s World and Word

In previous OnPractice posts, we’ve discussed the importance of asking questions in the classroom[1]. This week’s post, adapted from Michael Essenberg’s curriculum Connect God’s World and Word, discusses the important role that questioning can have in helping students connect what they are learning to the larger story of God and His work in the world[2]. […]

Right Questions–Big Question Guide

If teachers are being transformed by their understanding of God and His purposes, they will have a transforming impact on their students.  As they look at what they teach from the radically different perspective revealed in the Bible, their excitement about the meaning and purpose of “common” things will be contagious.  Their thankful spirit will […]

Teaching Multi-Level English Language Learners

In a perfect world, all of our classes would be comprised of students with similar abilities. However, we don’t live in a perfect world. One of the questions I am asked most frequently when I am observing or coaching in our TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) program is: How do I teach to […]

Helping Students Make Biblical Connections

In Christian education, we want our students to connect God’s world and Word. What is the likelihood your students will get better at making connections if they don’t think making connections is important, don’t receive instruction on making connections, don’t have time to reflect, don’t get practice, and don’t get feedback? Actually, it’s not that […]

Seeking Truth In the Classroom

As Christian educators, we have a high calling: to not only instruct our students in our subject matter, but also lead them to the foot of the Cross. While I’m not an expert in Biblical integration, I am a Christ-follower who desires to infuse my teaching with His truth. We are all called to guide […]

Role Reversal

Eventually it happens to us all: The big dog becomes the little dog, the first become the last, the child becomes a parent, the student becomes the teacher. For me, after 12 years of being a teacher I’ve become a student again. Since January I have been enrolled in full-time language school to learn French […]

To Engage Your Students, Have Them Learn New Things

I don’t like being bored. I don’t like going over and over something I already know. I don’t like it when I go to a workshop to learn something new, but instead I hear something I already know. And I don’t like it when I’m asked to apply what I know in the same way—no […]

Help your students habitually connect God’s world and Word

Question: What is vital in Christian education? Answer: It’s vital to help students be people who love God and live for Him. It’s vital to help students be people who live out a Christian worldview as they love their neighbors, care for God’s creation, share the Gospel, and participate in the Church. It’s vital for […]

Classroom Management With a Smile!

Classroom management is a challenge that all teachers must face. Things that were going well in September-November may begin to fall apart in December or January. What happens then: Do you need to try something new?  Do you need to be more consistent with the plan you are using? If these are questions you are […]