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Help your students habitually connect God’s world and Word

Question: What is vital in Christian education? Answer: It’s vital to help students be people who love God and live for Him. It’s vital to help students be people who live out a Christian worldview as they love their neighbors, care for God’s creation, share the Gospel, and participate in the Church. It’s vital for […]

Classroom Management With a Smile!

Classroom management is a challenge that all teachers must face. Things that were going well in September-November may begin to fall apart in December or January. What happens then: Do you need to try something new?  Do you need to be more consistent with the plan you are using? If these are questions you are […]

Homework: To give and how much to give, that is the question

So, how much homework do you give per night? How do you determine what is the best amount? In addition to the impact that homework has on academic achievement, Christian teachers also are thinking about the impact of homework on the total well-being of students and their families. What about homework’s intrusion into precious family […]