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Transform-ed: Honest and Vulnerable

From a teacher in Asia: My Bible class and I have been studying Romans. Chet said, “Guys, can I just be honest here? I’m struggling. I am a senior. People look up to me (I don’t know WHY!), but I see my life doesn’t always match the things I say.” I appreciate that kind of […]

Transform-ed: Thursday’s Servant

From a teacher in Europe:  About 50% of the students in our school live in dorms. I’ve decided to get involved in the dorm ministry as a way to serve the RAs and dorm parents and also as a way to get to know the students better in a less formal setting than school.  Every […]

2015 English Camp Highlights: Germany

One young man, returning for his third year at camp, shared that he came to Christ after camp last year. He feels led to go into the ministry as a pastor, so he asked if he could give his testimony to the other campers. We never know what an impact we may have or how […]

Good Little Boys and Girls?

As the school year begins, this is a good time to examine our classroom management practices and the expectations we convey to our students. Through the school practices we develop, are we cultivating “good” kids or kids who know they are sinners in need of a Savior? Do we inadvertently equate compliance with godly character? […]

2015 English Camp Highlights: The Philippines

Our team of ten spent a week leading an English camp in Manila. We used Narnia curriculum and an ESL opportunity to share the love of Jesus with 45 sixth grades from a very under-resourced community. All of us bonded with the kids. There were lots of prayers, laughter, times of worship, and tears at […]

Looking Back on Summer English Camps

Sharing the Love of Jesus We had a great summer for TeachBeyond English Camps. Between mid-June and the end of August, 2015 we had camps in Eurasia, Germany, Moldova, the Philippines, Portugal, and Switzerland. We shared the love of Jesus with hundreds of young people while teaching them English. Over 100 staff from North America […]

Transform-ed: Learning. Being.

From a teacher in Africa:  Zee simply blesses you with her presence. She entered second grade shy, somewhat reserved, and very compliant. Over the last several weeks, though, she has blossomed into a child that exudes a contagious joy. She grew up in an orphanage, but now is a foster child living with one of the […]

Preparing the Soil for Learning

What makes teaching effective? How do we prepare the learning “soil” for instruction that sticks in the classroom? Traditionally, classrooms have followed a historic model of teaching involving teacher-centered instruction or lecture. Questioning for comprehension by the teacher, practice on the skill independently to solidify the concept by the student, and a homework assignment to […]

Transform-ed: Relationship-driven, Community-wide

From a teacher in West Africa:   A group of us foreign teachers played a soccer match against some of our school’s national staff. The majority of our national workers are from a Muslim background, so it was an awesome time to show unity and God’s love. What an opportunity to begin making friends. Along […]