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Biblical Studies Magazine Published in Serbia

TeachBeyond Serbia is publishing a new magazine on biblical studies aimed at both Protestant and Orthodox traditions. The first issue of this academic theological magazine features the 500-year anniversary of the Reformation. The important aspect of this publication, according to Andre Marotto, team leader for TeachBeyond Serbia, is that it is being produced in cooperation […]

God Uses Art to Transform Students

If art is the answer, then what is the question? That was the prompt assigned to my beginning art students to inspire their final pieces in Drawing and Painting 1. I see students growing in self-confidence, and finding joy in being imitating our Creator, through creating.

Brazil Summer Camps in Full Swing

Over the years, camp ministry has been really fruitful in Gramado. Many kids have come to Christ through hearing staff testimonies and the Word, and through the many tools God has given to Acamp-Serra and Acamp-Pampa.

“I’ve Heard of You” – What Does It Mean?

What is it the public is hearing about TeachBeyond and what does it mean?

I suspect it means primarily that they have heard of what we do. At the highest level, they know we are asking God for the transformation of all the learners in our sphere of influence. At a more immediate level, they may be thinking of the kind of activities we are praying about for 2018.