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Running Laps for Laptops

They ran laps for laptops. Students at Léman International Academy (LIA) in Switzerland raised money to purchase two laptop computers for students at Fateb Kinshasa Academy (FKA) in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A “fun run” at the TeachBeyond bilingual school in Geneva raised 1,280 Swiss Francs (about $1,258). About 25 students participated, with their […]

Taking One Bite at a Time

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. That was not so much a joke but an inspiration to the people transferring the principles of transformational education to teachers in 20,000 schools in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

LiveBeyond Student Sees Ministry Impact Kids

Sabrina Weber | LiveBeyond Brasil Before the Easter recess, Sabrina Weber, a student in the LiveBeyond program of TeachBeyond Brasil, was able to participate in the children’s ministry at her church, Aliança Bíblica de Taquara. This practical experience is part of the LiveBeyond program of biblical education and internships for post-high school young adults. Helping […]