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Brexit Impact on TeachBeyond Unknown

There’s a lot of action happening with very little forward progress. Figuring out how to extricate Britain from a global market without sending shockwaves through it seems like a nearly impossible task.

Multilingual Christmas Greetings from Our Members

TeachBeyond members serve in more than 50 countries, and some of those members are nationals who speak another first language. Here is a video featuring our multilingual team, who tell the story of Christ’s birth as recorded in the Bible in Luke 2:1-20.

Partners Make English Camps Successful

TeachBeyond’s English Camps are a three-way partnership. Both the in-country hosting church and the North American sending church provide the necessary staff to run a great camp. TeachBeyond, as the third partner, facilitates the partnership and provide training.

Better Care for Sick Children in Rwanda

From a small start with 15 nurses, the pediatric nursing curriculum in Rwanda can affect children’s health for the whole nation while reinforcing the biblical values of honesty and integrity. It was developed with the help of a TeachBeyond member.