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Arbor Christian Academy

If you’re ever introduced to Chayim (shy-eem), the chances are you’ll be greeted by his signature sweet smile and infectious laugh. This joyful second grader bursts with energy and a healthy dose of good-natured goofiness, but this side of him didn’t fully emerge until his rocky start to life began to smooth out.

As a second-grade student at Arbor Christian Academy, an English immersion school in San Francisco de Macorís, Dominican Republic, teachers and staff have watched Chayim’s transformation since he arrived as a kindergartner. They can’t help but respond to his ready smile and celebrate how God has provided stability and a supportive home for this special boy. 

Chayim is of Haitian decent, but was born in America and brought up speaking English. For his first handful of years he bounced back and forth from New York to the Dominican Republic, staying much of the time with different relatives. This unstable start to life began taking a toll on Chayim and behavior issues came into play…

Featured Five: Opportunities #3

Imagine being a second-grader entering a new classroom where you don’t speak the language. Your teacher and classmates will be your lifeline this year. They demonstrate love and patience to you as you adjust to a new language and culture, and your life is transformed. This is the story of Andrew (pictured here) and other students […]

Special Featured Five

Here are five job openings that need to be filled now. TeachBeyond Employment Services Officer Dowers Grove, IL, USA We are seeking an Employment Services Officer to serve in our suburban Chicago office. This person will be responsible for supporting TeachBeyond members by administering several employment-related tasks. It is an important, full-time role for someone […]

Reaching Out Over the Wall

It’s been a year since a TeachBeyond partner school at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, started thinking about developing a sustainable outreach program. As the team met, prayed, and discussed possible ideas, they were led to reach out to the local government school next door.

Featured Five: Opportunities #8

Startup School Needs Elementary Teacher BridgeWay North American School BridgeWay North American School, a new TeachBeyond bilingual school opening this fall in Mexico City, has a need for an elementary-grade teacher. It is a values-based school with an emphasis on the character formation of each student. BridgeWay endeavors to support the work of parents through […]

Featured Five: Opportunities #7

Preschool to Grade 5 Administrator Southeast Asia Bilingual School Southeast Asia Bilingual School is seeking a long-term, experienced elementary and/or preschool administrator. This person will assist in overseeing the day-to-day administration of an existing primary bilingual school, as well as provide leadership and direction in a preschool and kindergarten startup project. This is a well-established, […]