Political Tension on Lesvos

Over the past month, the situation on Lesvos has reached the…

Education, Love, and Safety for Refugees

It makes this father, a refugee on the island of Lesvos, happy that his children can come and learn in a safe place, and he is very, very grateful.

Life Jacket: A Documentary About Refugees

This documentary captures the refugee crisis in Greece from a child’s viewpoint and shows the need for Beyond Borders’ educational programs in refugee camps.

Venezuelans Are South America’s Largest Refugee Crisis

TeachBeyond is currently assessing how to get involved in the Venezuelan refugee crisis through its refugee ministry, Beyond Borders.

Preparing Ethiopian Children for a Better Future

These eager learners and come from the community that has grown up around the Addis Ababa landfill. They want a better future than the one their parents have known.

Bringing Hope and Education to Refugees on Lesvos

Through building relationships, Beyond Borders embraces the opportunities to share God’s love and plan of salvation. People of concern value consistency in these relationships when their world is so unstable.

Being Christ to Refugees through Washing Machines

Our partnership allows us to collaboratively provide for the educational needs of women and children.