Helping Students with Learning Differences

The number of students with special needs seems to be growing. So what are we to do in our classrooms? How do we effectively address this growing need?

Suffering: Sacred Wounds or Meaningless Pain?

Is there a role that we can take as transformational educators to prepare our students with a theology of suffering? Could we be more intentional in how we prepare our learners for suffering?


“There’s no such thing as a stupid question.” Really? Teachers…

The Image of God: Image Reflectors

While this article may seem primarily reflective, it is,…

Exit Slips: Your Ticket to Closure

Since the pacing of even our most well-planned lessons can be so easily interrupted, what can we do? Exit slips allow teachers the flexibility to bring closure to a lesson at any point—a helpful tool for those days when the time has gotten away from you.

Discerning Educational Idols

We are modern, technologically-advanced people, yet we are…

Cultivating our Minds: Active Learning in the Classroom

As teachers, we can empower our learners to become active agents in their own learning by providing opportunities for students to grapple with difficult tasks and concepts.

Doing Justice

Justice is close to God’s heart, thus making things right in a broken world should be central to our classroom life. Here are five principles from the book of Micah to help us live out justice in our classes.

Learning is Fun!

When was the last time you approached life as a learner? Can…

Rethinking School Discipline

"Jesus Christ did not come to make bad people good, but to make dead people alive.” This quote by Ravi Zacharias is one of my favorites. Christian schools all over the world must be radically different from any other kind of school environment for this very reason: we exist to bring life!