Building a Slideshow with Student Learning in Mind

Have you ever used a PowerPoint, Prezi, or other slideshow presentation…

Inhabiting the Christian Story

We teach who we are. As Christians, we should allow the Bible…

Developing Intellectual Virtues

Here are tools that teachers can use to help students develop intellectual virtues.

Transformed Teachers Transform Students

“TeachBeyond teachers are ‘born again’ teachers – that…

Teaching Through Play

Here are four questions I ask myself while planning activities that use play to teach.

Biblical Truths Shape Transformational Curriculum

For the Christian educator, be that person a teacher or leader,…

Integral Units: Presenting the World as God Created It

Integral units focus on a topic instead of a subject, incorporating different aspects of Creation.

OnPractice: Being the Light in National Schools

How do we go about sharing our faith when we can’t do so overtly?

OnPractice: Connecting with Coaches

When designed effectively, projects involving adult coaches can have numerous benefits.

OnPractice: Bearing with the Failings of the Weak

The transformative teacher builds up all students in an honest way, recognizing the God-given worth and value of each one.