It's Summer Camp Season in Brazil

We may have cold weather and snow in the northern hemisphere, but the summer camp season is getting underway in the southern hemisphere on the TeachBeyond campus in Gramado, Brazil.

Global Impact Fund Exceeds Goal

We are so thankful for those who have joined us in this campaign, and we are excited to see how the Lord will use these funds to advance His work around the world.

Brexit Impact on TeachBeyond Unknown

There’s a lot of action happening with very little forward progress. Figuring out how to extricate Britain from a global market without sending shockwaves through it seems like a nearly impossible task.

Multilingual Christmas Greetings from Our Members

TeachBeyond members serve in more than 50 countries, and some of those members are nationals who speak another first language. Here is a video featuring our multilingual team, who tell the story of Christ's birth as recorded in the Bible in Luke 2:1-20.

The Flip-Side of Not Being Home for the Holidays

After a long several months of adjusting to a new school culture, some weeks off may provide an ideal break to rest and renew.

Global Impact Fund Aids Teacher Development

A regional association of heads of Christian schools and local school networks has been formed in a South Asian country, building on the teacher-mentor program begun there five years ago by TeachBeyond.

Doing Justice

Justice is close to God’s heart, thus making things right in a broken world should be central to our classroom life. Here are five principles from the book of Micah to help us live out justice in our classes.

Arbor Completes Second Floor Classrooms

With the completion of the second floor, Arbor Christian Academy in the Dominican Republic has space for up to fifth grade in this building.

Life Jacket: A Documentary About Refugees

This documentary captures the refugee crisis in Greece from a child’s viewpoint and shows the need for Beyond Borders’ educational programs in refugee camps.