Brazilian English Camps Expanding to More Cities

English camps were popular during the Acamp-Serra summer seasons in Brazil, and after expanding to Brasília and Rio de Janeiro last year, camps have now reached two other cities this winter: Araçatuba in São Paulo, and Fortaleza in Ceará.

English Camps Have Eternal Impact

I wish you could witness the harvest that was the greatest I have ever experienced in all of my mission trips.

Ministering to Refugees in Greece

The director of Euro Relief (the group that runs the refugee camp) was really excited about what we wanted to do and has now opened the door to trying to make it possible to run our kids’ program in the Moria camp in July! 

A Place for Genevieve

At TeachBeyond schools like FATEB Kinshasa Academy we believe that all people are made in the image of God, and even the parts that are weakest are indispensable, so our school had a place for Genevieve. Our teachers model God's loving acceptance of all children and the students picked up on that.

God Intercedes in Her Travel Adventure

I was stuck in a place with no phone, no WiFi, and next to no language skills. I also had not been able to exchange money, so I was unable to pay for a taxi fare as the card reader wasn’t working. I was discouraged.

What's Biblical Integration?

What exactly is the role of the Bible in education? Why do many students struggle to see the relevance of the Bible? Harold Klassen writes about biblical integration in the classroom. His insight can help teachers see how to remove their limitations on integrating their subjects and the Bible.

Third-Grader's Life Transformed by Christ

In the last few weeks, I was able to pray with one of my students who accepted Christ, and I've begun discipling her. I am under-qualified and overwhelmed, but God is good to provide what I need. She is quite the seeker and asks a lot of hard questions!

Speaking Truth to Elementary Students

The three of us had a great lunch together.  "Z" asked questions about creation, evolution, time, the Big Bang.  He asked about how to know he was a Christian. I encouraged "L" to help answer the questions and contribute to what she knew to be true as well. I wanted to challenge her to share her faith and how she became a follower of Jesus.

What Does it Mean to 'Engage the Culture?'

“I don’t know when there’s been a time in church history where we have seen so many young intellectuals coming along with clear insights and godly passion, calling the church to witness with clarity and sensitivity,” George Durance says. “We need to let our students know that that’s a very different thing from (winning) a culture war.”

Transformational Education: a byproduct of personal transformation

Yawning, laughter, and sickness are all contagious. In a…