France Today: More Christian Schools, But Teachers Are Needed

The Christian school movement in France is gaining momentum with from four to seven new schools opening every year

God is moving in Eastern European English Camps!

In one location a six-day camp was held this summer that had 20 staff and 55 campers. There were local staff members as well as staff from the US. The staff from the US had a great impact on the campers’ mindsets as they faithfully acted as Jesus’ hands and feet while lovingly teaching English. One camper in particular stood out to the staff as resistant from the beginning of the camp. As topics of faith came up each day this camper would push back with worldly and dark responses and she seemed like she’d be the least likely to ever accept the gospel message. As one staff member began to spend more time with this camper, she began to realize this opposition was only a wall that was hiding a hunger for God. The staff then began praying how they could share more with this camper, and they waited for a good time to do it.

Liza's Life Change

When Liza was a baby, her mother dropped her off with her Gogo (“granny” in Zulu) and walked out of her life.

Where are the teachers? A call to transformational education

TeachBeyond President David Durance talks about the need for more teachers to serve globally, the trend for national teachers to serve in their home countries, and the increasing number of cross-cultural teachers who come from outside North America.

Meeting Educational Needs of Children at Risk

Most global aid groups don’t prioritize education, especially not over food, health aid, or shelter. That's where TeachBeyond steps in, providing educational opportunities to children at risk.

Changes in the Works for BCA and BridgeWay

Two schools in the TeachBeyond Family – Belize Christian Academy and BridgeWay North American School – are saying good-bye to their heads of school this summer.

Orientation 2019 in Wheaton a Success

In June TeachBeyond held its new member Orientation week in Wheaton, Illinois. The new associates and members will be serving in 27 different countries.

Pray for our Beyond Borders Summer Team

Beyond Borders summer team is doing STEAM camps and a neighborhood program. There are plenty of things to be thankful for and to pray about.