Serving the Marginalized: OSWW Joins the TeachBeyond Family

Maybe is one of 35,000 children who have experienced the transforming love of God through the program of Open Schools Worldwide (OSWW), an organization that gives educational opportunities to marginalized children.

Seeing Every Student's Needs and Potential

Testing a student and setting up an individualized education program is common practice in North America. It is not common in other countries.

Faster Data Collection Benefits Teacher Education

A new system of field data collection on the preparedness of teachers and school leaders has implications for school systems all over Africa.

Blessed by Helping Someone in Need

As we were heading home in our vans we saw an elderly woman face down on the sidewalk struggling. We jumped out, lifted her to her feet, and walked her home.

Introducing TeachBeyond's New President

The Global Committee has chosen David Durance as the next TeachBeyond president. The current president, Dr. George Durance, will pass the baton to his son at the April meeting of the Global Committee.

How I Decided When Both Choices Seemed Right

As an adult, I realize just how much of life is based on making decisions. Thankfully, our all-knowing and ever faithful Father is never surprised by big decisions.

It's Summer Camp Season in Brazil

We may have cold weather and snow in the northern hemisphere, but the summer camp season is getting underway in the southern hemisphere on the TeachBeyond campus in Gramado, Brazil.

Global Impact Fund Exceeds Goal

We are so thankful for those who have joined us in this campaign, and we are excited to see how the Lord will use these funds to advance His work around the world.

Brexit Impact on TeachBeyond Unknown

There’s a lot of action happening with very little forward progress. Figuring out how to extricate Britain from a global market without sending shockwaves through it seems like a nearly impossible task.

Growing TeachBeyond's Global Impact

The opportunities for new strategic ministries through education are as numerous as they are varied. Below are three, new TeachBeyond initiatives being launched around the world that you can help support through financially partnering with our Global Impact Fund.