TeachBeyond Appoints Reps in Northern Ireland

Angela Russell and Emily Henry have been appointed staff representatives in the new TeachBeyond office for Northern Ireland. They are pictured with Liz Hutchinson (center), Recruitment and Personnel Manager for the UK.

Running Laps for Laptops

They ran laps for laptops. Students at Léman International…

Taking One Bite at a Time

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. That was not so much a joke but an inspiration to the people transferring the principles of transformational education to teachers in 20,000 schools in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

You'll Find Sanctuary in Horsham

“Sanctuary” is defined as both a refuge and a holy place. TeachBeyond’s Sanctuary in Horsham, England, fits both of those definitions.

Here's How to Impact the Lives of Young Men

When I came here, I thought my job would be best equated with a youth pastor, but I’ve learned since that it’s much more related to parenting than pastoring.

TeachBeyond Opens Albania Office, Appoints Country Leader

TeachBeyond has opened a national office in Albania and has appointed Klementina Shahini the national director.

MK Schools Offering Deeper, Richer Eduation

If it looks like the missionary children’s school is winding down, it’s not at all. It’s changing, and we’re seeing different kinds of missionary children’s schools emerging that are actually better than they’ve ever been.

Serve Overseas As a Teacher or RA

Black Forest Academy is seeking mature, enthusiastic men to work with male boarding students and other Residence Life staff in BFA residences.

Education, Love, and Safety for Refugees

It makes this father, a refugee on the island of Lesvos, happy that his children can come and learn in a safe place, and he is very, very grateful.

Are You Right for the Mission Field?

It’s very possible the training you already have, the gifts you already have, the passions that God has already put inside you, already are lining up with needs around the world.