Whirlwind Visit to SE Asia

We listened, asked questions, and listened some more. What an honor to hear their stories, their struggles, their love, and their passion for Christ and His kingdom.

Student Learns How God Transforms People

The child had already developed a lack of trust in others.

English Camp Transforms Lives

It's thrilling to watch God transform lives during a TeachBeyond English camp. A team from First Alliance Church in Calgary had that experience this summer in a Eurasian city.

Laying Foundation For Christian Education

Pray that God will multiply the number of Christian schools in France.

Pray For Peace In The DRC

“They want reform. They want change. They need jobs, education…

Launching Schools In Germany

TeachBeyond Germany has a new department called “Formal Education…

Education Critical To Future Of Refugee Kids

Education is especially critical for children seeking asylum.

Joy is Found in Appreciation

I’m actually thankful for the limited resources we do have at this beautiful school.

Reproducible Model of Education for Africa

A reproducible model for transformational education is developing in central Africa with assistance from TeachBeyond consultants.

Art Helps Refugees with Transition

"My Life’s Journey" is a project initiated by Natalie Rudolph,…