Better Care for Sick Children in Rwanda

From a small start with 15 nurses, the pediatric nursing curriculum in Rwanda can affect children’s health for the whole nation while reinforcing the biblical values of honesty and integrity. It was developed with the help of a TeachBeyond member.

Cowman International School Is Newest Partner

TeachBeyond welcomes Cowman International School as a new partner. Located just outside Cap Haitien, Haiti, the school was founded to serve the children of missionaries. Today, 90 percent of the students are nationals.

Over 900 Attend English Camps

This year our camp supervisors trained nearly 100 short-term staff. Working alongside our local national staff, they served over 900 campers and students in 10 countries at 25 camps.

Called by God - With All My Imperfections

Carolyn Ebel reflects on her calling to Beyond Borders, TeachBeyond's ministry to refugees. Although becoming a full-time servant of the Lord means giving up a lot of "comforts," she wouldn’t trade where she is in life right now for the world, because she knows God has some big plans up his sleeve.

This Is Why We Go - English Camp Report

The campers' burdens were heartbreaking and yet each day began with a new sunrise, more prayer specifically for these young lives and new confirmations that God was working in the camp, in the hearts of the campers, and in the staff, from the director to the cooks.

Book Describes Christian Education to French Audience

ÉducaVie (TeachBeyond France) is helping parents and pastors understand Christian education by publishing a book entitled, "Un espoir pour l'école: l'education chrétienne, une offre alternative" (A hope for school: Christian education, an alternative offer).

Brasilia English Camp Transforms Lives

God works in special ways in the intense spiritual and personal context that these camps thoughtfully and prayerfully generate.

English Center Builds Bridges

Our community center helps build bridges of relationship in which we can have longer conversations to unpack the Gospel.

What To Do While You Wait on God's Timing

Are you interested in possibly, maybe, perhaps-one-day, serving overseas? Or do you know someone who might be? Here are eight suggestions when considering the question: What do I do in the mean time?

Transforming Education in Albania

The opportunity to partner with Transformational Education Albania has given TeachBeyond a vision to establish Christian schools that will care for children and guide them in their walk with Christ.