Speaking Truth to Elementary Students

The three of us had a great lunch together.  "Z" asked questions about creation, evolution, time, the Big Bang.  He asked about how to know he was a Christian. I encouraged "L" to help answer the questions and contribute to what she knew to be true as well. I wanted to challenge her to share her faith and how she became a follower of Jesus.

What Does it Mean to 'Engage the Culture?'

“I don’t know when there’s been a time in church history where we have seen so many young intellectuals coming along with clear insights and godly passion, calling the church to witness with clarity and sensitivity,” George Durance says. “We need to let our students know that that’s a very different thing from (winning) a culture war.”

Transformational Education: a byproduct of personal transformation

Yawning, laughter, and sickness are all contagious. In a…

Mexican Government Honors Veteran Teacher

BridgeWay’s “Miss Jose” recently received a government award for 40 years of teaching service. She was honored, given the Ignacio Manuel Altamirano Medal, and a monetary award. Miss Jose teaches Kinder 3, which includes 5-year-olds.

How God blessed TeachBeyond in 2017

God continues to bless the transformational education ministry of TeachBeyond, and you can see confirmation of that in the 2017 Annual Report, which is available in English, German and Portuguese.

Applying Context to Theology

The students do a number of assignments designed to help them take what they've learned and apply it to their home contexts.

Video Will Document Educational Needs of Refugee Kids

What does a child experience in a refugee camp where there is no formal school and plenty of idle time every day? A documentary will capture the refugee crisis in Greece from a child’s viewpoint and will show the need for Beyond Borders’ educational programs.

Faithful Service Recognized

Three long-time TeachBeyond (Janz Team) members, Henry Toews, Harold Klassen, and Jack Stenekes, received recognition for their service to the Lord.

Transformed in English Camp

Elena came from a deeply committed Christian family who live…

Germany: Trusting God for Renewal

For over 60 years our school for the children of missionaries, now known as Black Forest Academy, was an integral part of our national German organization. On May 5, the school became an independent charitable organization.