One standard, One God in the Education of Refugee Children

By Pastor Prosper Does Leviticus 24:22 apply to the education…

Online English Camps

It was clear this year that the annual German Easter English…

Creative School Solutions

In the current pandemic, up to eighty-nine percent of (or five million) students have had their school year affected.

Teaching God’s Word to a World in Need

Teaching provides the opportunity to show students how to process the world around them. Yet, often that work is done without the influence of the Bible. Harold Klasssen with TeachBeyond believes that can change, even in “secular topics.”

Being There and Near

“The people in the camps need you – to hold their hand and say – ‘I am here, near you,’” says Fatima* a former ESL student from Moria, Greece, on the island of Lesvos. “I first met Fatima in the summer of 2018, as I was walking along the beach in Greece. I saw two women: one a Somali and the other Syrian,” remembers Liz Stegall-Lewis, Associate Director of Beyond Borders. “As I speak some Arabic, I struck up a conversation with these Muslim women. They were interested in learning English.” That led to Fatima being tutored for six weeks by Marg Lewis and Judith Lewis (Liz’s mom and aunt, respectively).

Transformation at English Camp

Livi is a 25 year old Christian living in an Eastern European country. Shortly after returning from her studies in Ireland, she participated in an English Camp. She appreciates the impact it had on her. “I am happy now and have been baptized.”