School Staff Aids Refugees in Budapest

Amanda Ferris says several of her colleagues and friends have gone to the train stations in Budapest to distribute aid and just sit and talk with the people.
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Transform-ed: Relationship-driven, Community-wide

From a teacher in West Africa:   A group of us foreign teachers…

Opening Soon! A New School for Transformational Education

We so enjoyed our time of training with our teachers this morning. Seeing how they were taking it all in, laughing with each other, and asking important questions—in addition to their desire to learn—was more than we anticipated.

My Reward: Praying with Students

I wrote their prayer requests next to their name, and asked them the following week if their prayer had been answered. Most of the time they have been!
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Transform-ed: Patient for God Appointments

From a teacher in Asia: The long-time desire of my heart…
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First Day of Teaching Was Incredible!

During Bible we were talking about Abraham and how God spoke to him. I told them that God often speaks in the silence. The students shared many examples of how God has spoken to their parents about being missionaries in the Philippines (So neat!).
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Carol and Mark Barner: The Philippines

Carol and Mark Barner are teachers from Phoenix, Arizona. As…