Multiply Your Global Impact

Increase your global impact by joining with the work God is doing in transforming lives through education. Help more students experience transformational education through TeachBeyond’s new Global Impact Fund.

Book Describes Christian Education to French Audience

ÉducaVie (TeachBeyond France) is helping parents and pastors understand Christian education by publishing a book entitled, "Un espoir pour l'école: l'education chrétienne, une offre alternative" (A hope for school: Christian education, an alternative offer).

“I’ve Heard of You” – What Does It Mean?

What is it the public is hearing about TeachBeyond and what does it mean? I suspect it means primarily that they have heard of what we do. At the highest level, they know we are asking God for the transformation of all the learners in our sphere of influence. At a more immediate level, they may be thinking of the kind of activities we are praying about for 2018.

Building Up Our Latin American Members

TeachBeyond’s School Services staff delivered instruction at two schools in Latin American countries during the balmy month of January! Yes, temperatures in the low 70s F and plenty of sunshine!

It Will Surprise You What God Has Done in 2017

“Count your many blessings name them one by one.”

Let’s respond with hope!

FATEB Kinshasa Academy is a new Christian School opened in 2015…

Get Your Church Involved First-Hand

In Brazil there were numerous students last summer who made a…

Transformational Education In Albania

Albanians held the first national Christian teachers’ conference and over 100 attended.