37: Creativity

On this summer bonus episode, Keane is joined by his mom, Cyndi Fine, to talk about how we can cultivate creativity in our lives.

36: Mentoring

On this summer bonus episode, Heather is joined by her mom, Barb Brown, to talk about mentoring.

35: Season 1 Finale!

Graphic designer Erin Hiatt shares how the Transformed and Transformational cover image came to be and turns the table to ask co-hosts Keane and Heather about their experiences with Season 1 of the podcast.

34: Trust

Trust is central to how our world functions, how we form relationships, and how we connect with God. Brian Delamont returns to the podcast for the final time in Season 1 to talk about building and rebuilding trust with God's love at the foundation.

33: Mental Health

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Miyuki Hwang shares how we can prioritize our mental health and walk alongside our friends well.

32: Ending Well

As the school year draws to a close, Amanda Ferris offers suggestions for ending well as a classroom community, from fun activities to meaningful reflection.

31: Transitions

Amy Young of Global Trellis shares about transitioning well, including processing grief, finishing well, supporting others, and starting something new.

30: Coaching Culture

Brian Delamont returns to the podcast to share about coaching - partnering with the Holy Spirit to help others discover and become who God wants them to be.

29: Education as Discipleship

Raphael Haeuser joins us for today’s episode about how Christian educators can live out their calling and disciple the next generation, whatever the context where they serve.