One standard, One God in the Education of Refugee Children

By Pastor Prosper Does Leviticus 24:22 apply to the education…

Cascading Impact: Moving from Doing to Being

Waters cascading down the mountain. One of my favorite moments…

Creative School Solutions

In the current pandemic, up to eighty-nine percent of (or five million) students have had their school year affected.

Liza's Life Change

When Liza was a baby, her mother dropped her off with her Gogo (“granny” in Zulu) and walked out of her life.

LiveBeyond Student Sees Ministry Impact Kids

Sabrina Weber | LiveBeyond Brasil Before the Easter recess,…

Transforming Kids' Lives on Lesvos

There are so many children in Moria refugee camp who need a safe place to learn and heal. My heart is heavy as we end our three-month rotation there, but thankful to see the changes in these children.

Soup-er Fundraisers: MacGregor & Brandon, MB

...great music and stories from our members of God's work through education.

Nov 7: Join Us for Coffee in Winkler, MB

An informal get-together to hear of God at work through education.

Near Winnipeg & Steinbach? You are invited... an evening of music and stories of God's work in education.