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Taking One Bite at a Time

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. That was not so much a joke but an inspiration to the people transferring the principles of transformational education to teachers in 20,000 schools in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

International Partners Serve Children in Africa

TeachBeyond Brazil and a Baptist church in Rhode Island are partners in serving meals to 130 children at a project in Malawi, Africa.

Student Learns How God Transforms People

The child had already developed a lack of trust in others.

Pray For Peace In The DRC

“They want reform. They want change. They need jobs, education…

Reproducible Model of Education for Africa

A reproducible model for transformational education is developing in central Africa with assistance from TeachBeyond consultants.

Now Offering First Grade in Kinshasa

FATEB Kinshasa Academy, our partner school in the Democratic…

Living a life that’s noticeably different

In the midst of being who God made us to be, we were light to a heart that needed tending and we ministered simply by our actions.

Faith Conversations Transform Students

I have had more faith conversations this term than I have the last two years combined. Even better, students are impacting their peers!