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Teaching Through Play

Here are four questions I ask myself while planning activities that use play to teach.

Integral Units: Presenting the World as God Created It

Integral units focus on a topic instead of a subject, incorporating different aspects of Creation.

OnPractice: Connecting with Coaches

When designed effectively, projects involving adult coaches can have numerous benefits.

Teaching Content to Language Learners: Creating Order in (what feels like) Chaos

Teaching content to a classroom with diverse language proficiencies…

You Should be Taking Notes on This

As teachers, we often give verbal clues in class to encourage…

Following Jesus' Example

What is the difference between a Christian teacher and a secular…

Making Connections through Graphic Organizers

As teachers, we are always looking for instructional tools that…

Class-Building: Instilling Christ-like Character in our Students

Fostering Christ-like behaviors in our students.

Using Classroom Conversations to Build Language Fluency

When working with ESL students in the classroom, getting them…

Maximizing Cooperative Learning in your Classroom

Multiple studies have shown cooperative learning positively impacts…