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Congeniality as a Classroom Value

This academic year, every other issue of OnPractice has focused…

Back to Basics for ELLs

All students benefit from techniques teachers implement to support English language learners (ELL), and vice versa, many of the techniques good teachers use naturally can particularly help ELLs. Here are three specific techniques teachers implement to make content accessible to English language learners.

Hands On Mathematics

“Struggling in mathematics is not the enemy, any more than…

Creativity Counts

When I was in school, I had the privilege of having an excellent…

Teach Through a Learning Simulation

Use simulations to solidify and expand learning

Building a Slideshow with Student Learning in Mind

Have you ever used a PowerPoint, Prezi, or other slideshow presentation…

Developing Intellectual Virtues

Here are tools that teachers can use to help students develop intellectual virtues.

Teaching Through Play

Here are four questions I ask myself while planning activities that use play to teach.

Integral Units: Presenting the World as God Created It

Integral units focus on a topic instead of a subject, incorporating different aspects of Creation.

OnPractice: Connecting with Coaches

When designed effectively, projects involving adult coaches can have numerous benefits.