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Partners Make English Camps Successful

TeachBeyond’s English Camps are a three-way partnership. Both the in-country hosting church and the North American sending church provide the necessary staff to run a great camp. TeachBeyond, as the third partner, facilitates the partnership and provide training.

Over 900 Attend English Camps

This year our camp supervisors trained nearly 100 short-term staff. Working alongside our local national staff, they served over 900 campers and students in 10 countries at 25 camps.

Brasilia English Camp Transforms Lives

God works in special ways in the intense spiritual and personal context that these camps thoughtfully and prayerfully generate.

English Center Builds Bridges

Our community center helps build bridges of relationship in which we can have longer conversations to unpack the Gospel.

Brazilian English Camps Expanding to More Cities

English camps were popular during the Acamp-Serra summer seasons in Brazil, and after expanding to Brasília and Rio de Janeiro last year, camps have now reached two other cities this winter: Araçatuba in São Paulo, and Fortaleza in Ceará.

English Camps Have Eternal Impact

I wish you could witness the harvest that was the greatest I have ever experienced in all of my mission trips.

Seeking EFL Franchise Director and Other Educators

TeachBeyond has a great opportunity to provide "Business as Mission” through English Language Center franchises in many locations around the world, from Europe to Brazil to the Philippines. We also are looking for elementary, history, and phys ed teachers, and a principal.

Introducing LinGO: English as Outreach

TeachBeyond has many English Language Learning (ELL) programs that have developed over the years. Now, we have combined them under one umbrella called LinGO.

EFL Campers Learn to Break Free

In Russian, the words “sprout” and “escape” sound the same, so “Jailbreak” was a suitable theme for the English camp in Belarus.

Launching EFL in Argentina

They expected about 20 teachers, but 62 attended the workshop