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Opening New Kindergartens in Germany

TeachBeyond is hoping to open Kindergartens in several cities in northern and eastern Germany where more than 50 percent of the people do not believe in any God.

Germany: Trusting God for Renewal

For over 60 years our school for the children of missionaries, now known as Black Forest Academy, was an integral part of our national German organization. On May 5, the school became an independent charitable organization.

Addressing Daycare Needs in Germany

Daycare with a Christian worldview

Lifetime of Service to God

After we were married, we joined Janz Team in 1964.

Not the “Normal” Night Hike

We talked about the plan that God has to redeem everyone. We talked about the salvation verses in Romans, Acts, and finished with 1 John 1:9

Art Helps Refugees with Transition

"My Life’s Journey" is a project initiated by Natalie Rudolph,…

Education and Transformation in Germany

Education helps integrate refugees into the community.