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God’s Big Story

After drinking my morning coffee, scarfing down a muffin, and…

Leading Students Spiritually

Hopefully I don’t lose credibility with what I’m about to…

Mind Your Mindset: Cultivating a Growth Mindset in our Students

F A I L U R E       S E T B A…

Hospitality in Foreign Language Education

Language skills can fade with time, but if we can help students cultivate a welcoming heart of love for the stranger, it will have a lifelong impact.

Suffering: Sacred Wounds or Meaningless Pain?

Is there a role that we can take as transformational educators to prepare our students with a theology of suffering? Could we be more intentional in how we prepare our learners for suffering?

Doing Justice

Justice is close to God’s heart, thus making things right in a broken world should be central to our classroom life. Here are five principles from the book of Micah to help us live out justice in our classes.

Transformational Education for 8-year-olds

What does the theory of transformational education look like in a class of 8-year-olds - or any grade? Here are some principles to help you.