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Necessary Evils?

Why did you go into teaching? I can guess that it was not because…

Teaching Beyond

Beth[1] taught a world history class. When she came to the section…

Creating a Yearly Curriculum Guide

This edition of OnPractice may seem a bit counter-intuitive:…

Principles of Curriculum Planning

Curriculum planning--whether for a full year or simply a unit--doesn't need to be scary. Here are a few key principles to keep in mind as you approach planning the curriculum for your course.

God's Rubric For Excellence

While this “Rubric for Excellence” is a tongue-in-cheek effort and not intended for use with students or teachers, it captures some of the major issues we all need to wrestle with as we consider what the core value of excellence means in our classrooms and lives.

Partnering with Others

Cooperative learning is widely recognized as valuable for students,…

Expectations Matter

What we say (and do) as teachers matters.

End of the Year Reflections

Here in the global offices of TeachBeyond, we spend a lot of…

The Halls of Learning

Wherever I travel I make a point of visiting local campuses, or "learning sites."

Engaging in Godly Play

10 May 2017 The third grade class, seated in a circle around…