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Cross During Sunset by vermontalm/

Frustration, Transformation, and Holiness

Which glass of water would you like to drink? Both demonstrate…

Connecting with Students Online – Let’s Check In

I am not sure how e-learning has been going for you or what…

Teaching Beyond

Beth[1] taught a world history class. When she came to the section…

Transformational Education: a byproduct of personal transformation

Yawning, laughter, and sickness are all contagious. In a…

An Exercise in Faith

God has called you and placed you where you are now serving, and He challenges you not to dwell on the problems but to look to Him in faith and see how He will achieve great things through your ministry.

God’s Rubric For Excellence

While this “Rubric for Excellence” is a tongue-in-cheek effort and not intended for use with students or teachers, it captures some of the major issues we all need to wrestle with as we consider what the core value of excellence means in our classrooms and lives.

Partnering with Others

Cooperative learning is widely recognized as valuable for students,…

Congeniality as a Classroom Value

This academic year, every other issue of OnPractice has focused…

Culturally Relevant Transformational Education

It's a relationship that moves students closer to fulfilling how God designed them.