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Teaching God’s Word to a World in Need

Teaching provides the opportunity to show students how to process the world around them. Yet, often that work is done without the influence of the Bible. Harold Klasssen with TeachBeyond believes that can change, even in “secular topics.”

Where are the teachers? A call to transformational education

TeachBeyond President David Durance talks about the need for more teachers to serve globally, the trend for national teachers to serve in their home countries, and the increasing number of cross-cultural teachers who come from outside North America.

Seeking EFL Franchise Director and Other Educators

TeachBeyond has a great opportunity to provide "Business as Mission” through English Language Center franchises in many locations around the world, from Europe to Brazil to the Philippines. We also are looking for elementary, history, and phys ed teachers, and a principal.

Sharing Ideas On Transformational Education

When teachers get together to share ideas, their students benefit.…