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Sowing the Seeds for Transformation

As we teach our students, what is the thing that will make the…

Creating Excellent Educational Environments

We are exploring four foundational pillars of what we mean by…

A Different Kind of Engagement

At the core of what we do in the classroom is the desire to…

Metaphors for Teaching

Christian educators often talk about biblical integration. Sometimes…

Teaching Beyond

Beth[1] taught a world history class. When she came to the section…

We Pursue Transformation

The first of four TeachBeyond principles for Transformational Education helps us know where to go and how to get there: “We pursue transformation which aligns with God’s creative design while trusting the Spirit for complete transformation into the image of Christ.”

Hospitality in Foreign Language Education

Language skills can fade with time, but if we can help students cultivate a welcoming heart of love for the stranger, it will have a lifelong impact.

The Gifts of Language Learners

As Christian teachers, we’ve thought carefully about how biblical worldview shapes our interactions with our students and colleagues. But we may not have thought about how our Christian faith speaks specifically to language teaching and learning.

What does the Incarnation Have to do with Teaching?

As believers we seek to live a fully integrated life, weaving…

Suffering: Sacred Wounds or Meaningless Pain?

Is there a role that we can take as transformational educators to prepare our students with a theology of suffering? Could we be more intentional in how we prepare our learners for suffering?