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Holy Pots and Pans!

Every cooking pot in Jerusalem and in Judah will be holy to the…

Global Church Can Aid Education

The global Church can come alongside and really give them a boost

Love for Others, God's Way

Susan was distracted all morning. Not her normal self, she couldn't…

Integrating God Into Our Curriculum

Integrating a Christian worldview into curriculum

Hidden Curriculum: Integration Beyond the Content

Transformational education is more than content.

Integrity: Teaching Via Example

As teachers, our influence extends far beyond our handling of…

The Halls of Learning

Wherever I travel I make a point of visiting local campuses, or "learning sites."

Engaging in Godly Play

10 May 2017 The third grade class, seated in a circle around…

Transformational Perspectives: DRC, Africa

This issue of OnPractice is taking a slightly different format…

Inhabiting the Christian Story

We teach who we are. As Christians, we should allow the Bible…