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Learning is Fun!

When was the last time you approached life as a learner? Can…

Rethinking School Discipline

"Jesus Christ did not come to make bad people good, but to make dead people alive.” This quote by Ravi Zacharias is one of my favorites. Christian schools all over the world must be radically different from any other kind of school environment for this very reason: we exist to bring life!

Culturally Relevant Transformational Education

It's a relationship that moves students closer to fulfilling how God designed them.

Transformational Perspectives: DRC, Africa

This issue of OnPractice is taking a slightly different format…

Transformed Teachers Transform Students

“TeachBeyond teachers are ‘born again’ teachers – that…

OnPractice: Bearing with the Failings of the Weak

The transformative teacher builds up all students in an honest way, recognizing the God-given worth and value of each one.

Abiding in the Vine

Whether we teach in an overtly Christian environment, a creative…

Transformational Education for 8-year-olds

What does the theory of transformational education look like in a class of 8-year-olds - or any grade? Here are some principles to help you.