We believe that education is an effective catalyst bringing hope to individuals and positive transformation to societies.

We follow our Lord Jesus Christ by engaging with the needs of this world - physical, relational, and spiritual. Our teachers use their skills and contexts to bring light and healing to all - children, adults, leaders and mission workers alike.

  • We go. TeachBeyond connects teachers, administrators, RAs, dorm parents, and support staff with exciting educational opportunities around the world!
  • We train. TeachBeyond equips teachers to reach their full potential as Christian educators.
  • We partner. TeachBeyond works in over 30 countries with more than 30 international schools (K-12), universities, national schools, and start-ups. We sponsor summer English Camps in eight countries.

Is God calling you to pray, give, or go?

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  • Members - 435
  • Learners taught - 18,300
  • Partnering organizations - 62
  • Countries - 39

We are accepting applications for the 2015-16 school year and the 2016-17 school year. Take a look at our opportunities.

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  • Evangeline
  • Kari & Mike
  • Ethan

“Starting international school teaching is an easier transition than I imagined. But the students here are so different! The mix of multiple cultures creates a unique classroom environment, but our Christian faith unites us. My heart has always been drawn to reaching out to kids whose parents are in full-time ministry.

“Look at the passions God has given you. God worked through my interests in education, cross-cultural experiences, and discipleship for a perfect fit. Keep your eyes open for opportunities – there is a huge need for quality teachers overseas!”

Evangeline, 5th Grade Teacher
Mike & Kari

“I never would have dreamed that one English Camp would have been so life changing and lead to so many more English Camps! There are opportunities no matter what gifts you have. God can use you throughout the world. I feel like I’ve been blessed beyond what I have been able to give. That is pretty amazing.”

Kari & Mike, English Camps

“As an RA I am an active worker in the Kingdom of God. By stepping into this role as a caretaker for all these teenage guys, missionaries all around the world are able to proceed with the work God has laid on their hearts without having to sacrifice the quality of care or education for their children.”

Ethan, Dorm RA
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International Schools

  • K-12 Teachers, including EFL
  • Support Staff and Administrators
  • Residence Life
Africa school

National Schools

  • K-12 Teachers, including EFL
  • University and Seminary teachers
  • Support Staff and Administrators

English Camps

  • Camp Staff (2-4 weeks)
  • Camp Program Intern (2 months)
Nepal teaching english

English Language Teaching

  • Language Center Staff (3+ months)
  • EFL in schools (2+ years)

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