Overview of Opportunities

We serve K-12 schools, language centers, universities and seminaries, teacher training, English camps, and in any other place where teaching and learning occurs, formally or informally.

Many Different Schools

Our staff serve the greater missions movement as we care for and train the next generation. Third Culture Kids (TCKs), children who grow up outside of their passport countries, have special blessings and abilities, but also are faced with academic, relational, and faith struggles. We mentor and act as a conduit for spiritual growth, in addition to providing high-quality instruction and extra-curricular activities.

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Our staff are welcomed into diverse environments as educators—first trusted as teachers and then as members of the community. God has called TeachBeyond to be an agent of Holy Spirit-empowered transformation among those whom we serve: educators, learners, organizations, and communities.

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Through TeachBeyond, Christian faculty and staff have the opportunity to connect with students, colleagues, and communities through higher education around the world — and to offer expertise and time, a meaningful way to contribute to the Great Commission.

Some of the opportunities include:

  • teaching/lecturing (short or long-term) in a university or seminary
  • educating teachers: using your classroom experience to better equip teachers in developing regions
  • consulting and advising university start-ups and programs
  • teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) at adult learning centers and universities

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Short-Term or Part-Time

English language skills are highly sought after in many parts of the world. Working together with a national host, TeachBeyond provides English language learning opportunities taught by native English speakers. Typically, TeachBeyond has provided these services in summer camp settings. National hosts provide follow-up and discipleship. You can even send a full team. Sound interesting? Here is a list of camps.

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Would you like to spend 3-10 weeks teaching English and building relationships in an overseas context? TeachBeyond offers English Intensives of varying lengths, with the majority of them taking place in the summer. These programs go beyond conversational English to also include the teaching of reading, writing, listening, or TOEFL preparation. Students range in age from high school through adults, some of whom are classroom teachers wanting to improve their English. We invite you to check out these opportunities to serve with us in Europe, Southeast Asia, or elsewhere.

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Become a resource for our educators serving overseas. We need volunteers who are experienced teachers and administrators able to fill in for one month to one semester in an emergency. We are also looking for educational consultants, translators, and writers experienced in the areas of PK-12, higher education, and English language learning to support existing and developing TeachBeyond projects. Some of the jobs can be done via Skype, without leaving home.

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We can facilitate formal internships for university students who would need them as part of their degree program. Internships can often be done through serving in one or more of our English Camps or Intensives, but we can also often arrange customized internships with our offices and schools/projects around the world in teaching, communications (writing, editing or graphic design), advancement, human resources, and other areas.

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Business as Missions

TeachBeyond’s LinGo English Language Center is a business that values:

  • Integrity and honest business dealings
  • Professional service to its students and the community
  • Creative, trained teachers who pursue excellence and best-practice methods and who exhibit Christian character and maturity
  • Creativity and a learning atmosphere that is both enjoyable but also encourages students to learn English well

There is a huge demand for people to learn English. Together we can help you develop a plan to provide programming and to develop all aspects of a language center–from initial site visit and business planning to hiring staff and providing professional development.

If you are an experienced business person with a desire to serve Christ in all you do, we welcome you to partner with us. And…if you have never owned a business, we can help you get started.

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To discuss the possibilities: serve@teachbeyond.org

Are you up for a challenge: to help students learn English well, but also have them enjoy the learning process? Are you a person who wants to pursue excellence, follow best-practice methods, and be a Christian witness through your life and character?

At a TeachBeyond LinGo English Language Center, you have the possibility of engaging with students in small groups and in tutoring situations. Students can range in age from 3-83. While each location is slightly different, programming can include English test preparation, executive English, after-school children’s programming, and much more.

If you have teaching experience and/or a TESOL certificate or degree, that is a plus, but not a necessity. We provide curriculum and training and offer ongoing professional development for our staff.

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