We believe that education is an effective catalyst bringing hope to individuals and positive transformation to communities.

We follow our Lord Jesus Christ by engaging with the needs of this world – physical, relational, and spiritual. Our teachers use their skills and contexts to bring Christ’s light and healing to all – children, adults, leaders, and mission workers alike.

We go. TeachBeyond recruits and sends Christian educators, administrators, and workers to serve in many different schools and organizations across the globe.

We equip. TeachBeyond equips educators, schools, and organizations to serve our Lord in pursuit of our common vision for transformational education.

TeachBeyond has dozens of consultants and coaches who work with like-minded schools and organizations to provide continuing education to teachers, administrators, boards, and school owners.

We partner. TeachBeyond rarely works alone. We partner with groups, organizations, and institutions in pursuit of our mission.

In partnership with local organizations, TeachBeyond co-owns and supports a number of K-12 schools, English language learning programs, and projects.

TeachBeyond’s Network

We serve K-12 schools, language centers, universities and seminaries, in teacher training, English camps, and in many other places where teaching and learning occurs, formally or informally.








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What can TeachBeyond do for your organization?

TeachBeyond’s Family

Acamp Serra
Acamp Serra are camping ministries in Brazil that provide overnight and day camps for children, teens, and families.

Arbor Christian Academy
Serving local students in the Dominican Republic starting in 2017, the school features pre-k through elementary school.

Belize Christian Academy
Founded in 1993 by Charlie and Judy Williams, Belize Christian Academy serves approximately 235 local and missionary students ranging from kindergarteners to high school seniors.

Beyond Borders
Beyond Borders sends Christian educators, administrators, and staff to provide transformational education to the displaced and marginalized.

Beyond Inglês
Beyond Inglês offers a quality English program in a suburb of Brasilia to students of all economic levels, and offers the hope of Christ through transformational education.

Black Forest Academy
Black Forest Academy in Germany has operated since 1956, providing a quality education to approximately 340 local and boarding students whose families serve in more than 50 countries.

BridgeWay North American School
BridgeWay North American School opened in 2017 in Mexico City. Its bilingual curriculum includes English instruction by American and Canadian teachers.

FATEB Kinshasa Academy
TeachBeyond’s first African owned, managed, and staffed school opened as FATEB Kinshasa Academy in 2015 in the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Forerunner International School
Forerunner International School has both day and boarding students. It brings quality education to the poorest province in the nation.

Founders Academy
Founders Academy provides English-medium instruction using an American curriculum. The school provides an international education that prepares local students for study at world-class universities.

International Education Services
International Education Services is a school located in one of the largest unreached nations in the 10/40 window. Its purpose is the education of the children of families called to ministry in this country.

Janz Team Gramado
Janz Team Gramado is a campus with meeting and camping facilities. This is where TeachBeyond Brasil holds many of its events.

Léman International Academy
Léman International Academy opened in 2010 to offer a French/English bilingual education for ages 3 to 11. It is located near Geneva and follows a Swiss curriculum.

LiveBeyond, founded in 2008 with the name Atos and renamed in 2016, transforms youth in Brasil through theoretical and practical training in internships and missionary trips.

Open Schools Worldwide
Open Schools Worldwide gives marginalized children with no access to schools the opportunity to learn numeracy and literacy to the third grade level.

Rainforest Academy in Southeast Asia
Rainforest Academy is located in an Asian country along the equator. Founded in 2009, this private, faith-based school has a student body of about 200.

Partnering Programs

International Schools

TeachBeyond works with more than 30 international schools (K-12), serving the children of expatriates and Christian workers, thereby supporting world missions by training the next generation. Among these is our oldest school, Black Forest Academy, in Germany. Some of these institutions are TeachBeyond schools, others are quality schools owned by partnering agencies. Some are committed to introducing Christ to uninformed students, while others focus on serving the needs of the international Christian workers’ community.

National Schools

TeachBeyond works with national schools and school start-ups that are committed to academic achievement, English language enrichment, and teaching with a vision for transforming lives. Parents across the globe desire a better education for their children, often defined as a commitment to learning English and meeting international standards. TeachBeyond is actively involved in helping start schools that address these expectations. These institutions are in key locations in Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. At the core of all these initiatives is our holistic philosophy of transformational education.

ESL / Language Learning

Short-term teams from North American churches run summer English camps in Europe, Eurasia, and South America. Teens at the camps receive an introduction to the Bible while learning English and enjoying a cross-cultural experience.

Universities, Colleges, Seminaries

For a number of years TeachBeyond has been sending lecturers, ESL instructors, administrators, and professors to post-secondary institutions and partner organizations. New opportunities are emerging in the fields of teacher training, Biblical and theological studies, and the teaching of English in post-secondary institutions.

Informal Education

In environments as diverse as a street corner, a concert hall, or a campsite under the stars, educators proclaim Christ in ways appropriate to the cultural and political situation. TeachBeyond offers informal education and equipping services to individuals, organizations, and institutions. These services include camps and retreats, the “Godly Play,” counseling, marriage enrichment seminars and retreats, leadership development seminars, and continuing education. Some of this equipping takes place in a teacher conference or seminar format in countries where such services are not readily available. In addition, short-term courses on issues of interest to adults from a variety of vocational backgrounds are also offered.

Our President

David Durance

David Durance

David Durance has been closely associated with TeachBeyond, formerly called Janz Team Ministries, since he was a child. Born in Calgary, Canada, he grew up in Germany where his parents worked as missionaries for 12 years at the Janz Team school, Black Forest Academy.

After studying General Biblical Studies at Ambrose University, he completed a degree in business at the University of Regina, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts. He worked in telecommunications for more than 10 years, during which he was promoted to a senior leadership role.

Mr. Durance joined TeachBeyond in 2011 when he and his wife, Nancy, moved to Asia, where he worked in a number of capacities including National Director and Regional Director. In 2015, Mr. Durance accepted the appointment as Executive Director for the work in Asia and parts of Africa. On April 1, 2019 he began serving as TeachBeyond’s second President.

Mr. Durance has been married to Nancy for 17 years, and they have four boys. He enjoys reading, singing, listening to music, playing soccer with his kids, and running with his wife.

“My desire is that TeachBeyond continues to be a catalyst for redemptive change by the power of the Holy Spirit, for learners, educators, organizations, and communities around the world.” 

Our History

TeachBeyond was born on the western Canadian prairies in 1954, when Leo Janz committed himself to bringing the biblical message of hope to post-war Germany. Several members of his family joined him to create The Janz Brothers Gospel Association, which began broadcasting over Radio Luxembourg in 1955. News of the Association’s radio, church, music, and educational work spread to German-speaking communities in Europe. As opportunities grew, the original Janz Association established various national Janz organizations to serve needs in Europe and South America.


From left: Hildor Janz, Adolf Janz, Leo Janz, Cornelius Enns, and Harding Braaten. Germany, 1971.

Today the founding association is known as TeachBeyond. Its primary emphasis is on educational initiatives, such as schools, English language camps, and professional seminars. The name TeachBeyond reflects the organization’s commitment to teaching beyond one-dimensional, utilitarian forms of education to a comprehensive, holistic form of education. Watch a short video>>